Builders Clean

Hy-Kleen of Warwick Limited specialise in builders cleans, giving new builds the thorough clean that they deserve before they are opened to public view and customer visits. Every detail is taken care of in our “sparkle cleans” – floors are cleaned meticulously for a flawless finish, handrails are left free of unsightly finger marks, and all work surfaces are left sparkling. To safeguard quality and efficiency, every large-scale builders clean has one manager and one supervisor.

Don’t let your customers’ experiences be overshadowed by dust and grime – contact Hy-Kleen of Warwick Limited to enjoy the highest standards of professional cleaning.

  • Builders cleans with painstaking attention to detail
  • A perfect finish that your clients will remember
  • Specialist cleaning ahead of public unveilings
  • Dedicated, fully trained cleaning teams