Hy-Kleen of Warwick

About our company


Hy-Kleen of Warwick Limited is a family run business that was established by Denis Suter in 1972. The company began its life providing cleaning materials and equipment to local businesses in the Warwick area. Denis soon noticed a niche in the market and expanded the business to supply a full contract cleaning service nationally.

When we take on a new customer, your company does not just contract a cleaning company, you gain a partner. We work closely with you to determine a real understanding of how you work and what you need from us and, because we effectively become part of your organisation, we can respond quickly to your changing needs and priorities.

Once appointed, we consider ourselves as part of your organisation, we remain unobtrusive and discreet. The only signs of our presence are the clean desks, freshly vacuumed carpets and spotless surfaces that you will find at the start of the day. So while you may not see us, you will definitely see the difference we make.

Hy-Kleen has always encouraged an informal but professional style of management. We communicate well with our clients and cleaning staff, ensuring we understand your needs and deliver accordingly.

At Hy-Kleen we realise that the staff we employ are a vital key to the success of our business. We can offer a consistently high level of service because we hand pick all our staff to ensure that we only recruit high quality personnel.

We have developed a culture of real understanding and practical application of Health and Safety issues, with robust procedures in place to ensure we manage and limit all risks of injury to ourselves, our clients and the general public.

For the future, we simply aim to continue working with our clients, and strengthen our client base by way of recommendation and by keeping in tune with what our clients really want and expect from us.

Denis Suter