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Fun and popular online party game Among Usis Free online multiplayer game released in 2018 but gained a lot of followers online in 2020. Created by InnerSloth team, this game offers hours of fun in an unusual gaming environment. Part of the social deduction genre, the game takes place in a spaceship and consists of cooperators and crooks. The task is to find the thief before he finishes killing Among Us?Among Us is a multiplayer video game in which 15 random players find themselves in a spaceship or an alien headquarters. Each player is assigned the role of either a team member or a rogue. Players can create a party of up to four people and join the game at any time. You can also play the game online or on your local Wi-Fi is the goal Among Us? It is a survival game where the employees have to complete a task and vote for a cheater. On the other hand, the thief must kill all the workers or destroy the completion of the work. Entering as a fake crew member makes the game more fun as you have to kill everyone one by one before your game takes place on a spaceship and offers three levels. Players move around this alien ship using basic forward, backward, right and left movements. Each player must move from one room to another, completing the task without giving the others a reason to kick them out. Only when the player dies can your teammates chat and call an emergency meeting to discuss and eliminate the suspect; If the game has 15 players, you can choose more than one cheat. This makes the game fun and sends the associates on a wild chase to find the killers. Additionally, their dead counterparts become ghosts and can sit and watch the rest of the game.
Contains four maps When you play Among the Uson on your Windows device, you have access to four maps The Skeld, Polus, MiraHQ and Airship. The default map is The Skeld, a spaceship with a circular layout and well-balanced spaces and obstacles. This card gives rogues a very small chance to kill members without being seen. The other three cards are larger, giving the trickster more power.
How does one kill among us? As a rogue, you must wait in the shadows and attack other announced players. When the worker passes by, you can pop out of hiding and kill him before he reveals your identity. For example, when a worker completes a certain task in the lab, you can kill him, turn off the lights, and hide in any way you can to kill another member.
Who are the cheaters among us? Cheat Among Sisi is randomly distributed to each player out of a total of 15. Other players enter the game as collaborators. In the game, the rogue is a shape-shifting alien that looks like its crew members, but is only there to sabotage the ship and kill all the players.
Who are the heroes among us? In Us, the characters consist of shipmates who fall prey to a mysterious and dangerous con artist. These humanoid creatures have a rotund build and wear multi-colored spacesuits with compact backpacks. In this game, you will meet a series of 12 characters, each with a unique color
. Among the bright colors you’ll find yellow, white, red, purple, pink, orange, lime, green, blue, brown, blue and black, each giving a different identity to the game.
Does the game offer any customization options? Among Us characters are unique as the game offers a wide range of entertainment and customization options. Employees can choose clothes, play with different colors and skins and sit next to your pet. The game includes sticky notes, toilet paper, and other random items that add comedy to the mess.
Does the game have quality graphics? In our opinion, it does not have high-quality graphics orsound effects. Instead, the game offers a small format that appeals to people who are passionate about meme culture. The only sound effects you’ll see are tense. The game also has a chat feature that activates when a member is found dead.
Is Among Us easy to play? You can start playing as soon as you download Among Us on your PC. The game works with basic controls forward, backward, jump and such. Also, the game doesn’t last long, so you can play it for 10 to 15 minutes and then go back to work. The only downside to the game is that sometimes players leave the game in the middle of the game or you end up waiting in the lobby for the match to start.
Free Among Us Free? Among Us can be found and played for free on Android and iOS devices by downloading from their respective app stores. On PC, however, the game is available for purchase. The mobile and PC versions also offer microtransactions, allowing players to earn skins, pets, and hats through in-game purchases.
Is it cross platform between us? Among us provides cross-platform functionality, allowing players from different platforms to connect and participate in the game. Whether they use Android, iOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch or various gaming devices, people can join forces and engage in exciting gaming sessions.
Is Among Us safe for children? Among Us contains various risks that may make it unsuitable for children, including the depiction of cartoon violence and unrestricted communication with strangers. Therefore, parents should be careful and consider carefully whether their children should be allowed to participate in this game. Includes an element of eliminating other players with knives, which may scare small children or create the illusion that violence is acceptable.
Despite the presence of AI-driven chat control, live moderators are not availablefor call management. This means that children can encounter offensive language or inappropriate content from other players that bypass the filters. While there is an option to turn on chat control via the game’s Censor Chat On settings, it’s important to note that your child can easily turn it off without your knowledge.
Why is Among Us so popular? Although Among Us was released in 2018, its popularity only started to grow in 2020. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is the gameplay. it’s easy. The game also became popular as famous Twitch users started broadcasting it, users started creating tons of fan art, and memes of the game also started circulating on social media platforms. Other causes include:
Accessibility: Among Us is available on multiple platforms including PC, mobile and Nintendo Switch, making it easily accessible and broad yet engaging gameplay: the game is easy to learn but very challenging, with simple mechanics and a focus on social deduction, which is maintained by engaged and experienced players: Among Us is a multiplayer game that requires players to work together and communicate effectively, which can lead to fun and engaging communication: The ability to customize characters with different hats, masks and colors allows players to express their creativity
Is there an alternative? Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout is a game very similar to Among Us and features 60 players. If you’re looking for a game set in space, you can’t go wrong with Neptune Lander Elite. Other fun games you might want to check out are Brawl Stars and Weapons.
Dress up in cute Pusheens costumes To spice up your next episode of Among Us, the team at Innersloth have released their latest collaborative project. Workers and crooks can now dress up as the adorable Pusheen. Depending on the state of the network, players can now wear different colors of the Pusheen jumpsuit, as well as several optionsfor customization. All of this is available after purchasing the Pusheen Cosmicube for just 110 stars, but only for a limited time.
Other updates to the popular slasher game include a revamped main menu screen that includes a panel showing crew members floating in space, as well as a game options bar. Additionally, to celebrate the anniversary, players will receive a free Balloon Hat cosmetic. All they have to do is sign up. Additionally, new birthday cosmetics have been added to the in-game store.
Parental supervision is recommended. Kati Wetu provides a poor playing environment and falls under the category of social deductions. The game revolves around a spaceship or alien headquarters, where players take on the roles of collaborators and rogues. It includes multiple maps, customization options, and cross-platform functionality. However, parents should be aware of the possible dangers of the game for young children. Although the chat is run by artificial intelligence, parental caution is advised as there are no live moderators.

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