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CD Label Designer – A program for creating various labels and covers for CD/DVD, brochures, business cards, envelopes, etc. The entire process of creating a cover takes place under the strict guidance of a “master”. it is possible to use both ready-made models (which are allowed to be changed) and use your own. When creating a cover for a music CD, it is possible to download the track titles from the Internet CDDB database. The user interface is beautiful, transparent and practical for pleasant work.

CD Label Designer – an easy-to-use CD label printer. Great covers and labels for CDs and DVDs in minutes! Design and print CD and DVD case labels, round disc labels and booklets. CD Label Designer supports images, RTF text, wrapped text and shapes, allowing you to arrange and change the size, angle and transparency of objects. You can also read the directory and file structure, the audio CD database CDDB or define your own lists to include in tags and you can customize the output positions. Using template files, you can pre-define several templates for different models. You can also create different print layouts and share them with others, and adjust print positions.

CD Label Designer is the perfect solution if you want to create labels:

– Other music/collections

– Backups

– Creative handmade gifts

– Home and family archive

– Promotional CD/DVD for your company

– Brochures for your products

Other features that affect:

– Add a shadow to texts, images or shapes and set its offset and transparency

– Set the opacity level of any object to get interesting transparent results

– Easily organize items by aligning them with each other or using a sticker

– Use Snap to grid options for a perfect look

– Read a list of files and folders from disk or track names from the CDDB database

– Read MP3 / WMA tags

– Place this list in a text object or label background with a normal number of columns

– Create brochures of any size and any number of pages

– Manually set the exact sizes and positions of objects (in inches or millimeters)

– Quick sticker creation wizard

– Export models in various image formats in any resolution and send them to a professional printing service

– Multilingual user interface (English, German, French, Italian, …)

Dataland CD Label Designer v9

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