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Glary Utilities is a set of tools for repairing, speeding up, maintaining and protecting your computer. This software provides users with many tools in clear categories and in the form of a single graphical user interface. Over time, many unnecessary or temporary files appear in Windows, but unfortunately, Windows has not provided a suitable solution to automatically delete these files. For example, when you uninstall a program, Windows does not remove all traces of the program from the registry or other parts of Windows. In these cases, tools must be used to remove redundant files. Glary Utilities does a good job of this.

This program can delete unused registry keys, Windows search history, browser history, cache data, and more. Currently, this software can identify and clean junk data associated with 45 other programs. All extensions and add-ons installed in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. can be disabled or removed. You can analyze your disk space and identify or delete large files and folders.

You can identify duplicate files in several ways and remove the duplicates if necessary. In addition to cleaning features, this software has tools to optimize your device’s RAM. With one keystroke, you can clear RAM to significantly increase Windows speed. You can identify and remove dead links. You can disable or remove programs that run automatically with Windows.

Delete files permanently

One of the useful features of this software is the safe deletion of files. You can right-click on the desired file and choose to safely delete it. Files deleted in this way are not recoverable, unlike a normal Windows uninstall. So if you want to repair or sell your hard drive. After creating a backup copy of important datayou can safely delete them to ensure that deleted data cannot be recovered. Eben software also has other tools that you should check out for yourself. The user interface of Glary Utilities is very simple and beautifully designed, and the various tools are easy to use. You can also download the portable version of this app from Downloadly and enjoy the features of the app on any system without installing it.

Features and functions of Glary utilities:

Simple and compact graphical user interface

Delete unnecessary files, empty folders

Identify duplicate files and delete them

Removes unnecessary registry keys and cleans them again

Ability to remove dead shortcuts

Ability to fix errors in the download menu

Control of Windows startup programs and the ability to uninstall and disable them

RAM optimization and automatic memory cleaning

Ability to clear search history, cookies, cache and more from 45 different apps

Ability to safely delete files

Internet Explorer Extensions Management Tool

A disk analysis tool to identify large files and folders

Ability to completely remove programs from the system

Manage the context menu and remove and add the items you want


necessary system

Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista, 2008. 32/64-bit version

Glary Utilities Pro 5

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